Herd Mentality Game



Herd Mentality Game

This is a party game for families, friends and cow rustlers. The aim of the game is simple: think like the herd and write down the same answers as your friends.

If your answer is part of the majority, you all win cows. Yeehaw! If everyone else writes an answer that is matched by at least one other person, but yours is the odd one out, then you land the angry Pink Cow, and your herd of cows is worthless until you can offload it onto someone else.

The first player to collect eight cows wins.

Why you'll love this game
It’s moo-vellously simple: Most of our games are pretty easy to pick up but this one really is a doddle. Just write down the answer to a simple question such as: “What’s the best pizza topping?” and hope your answer matches the others. You’re trying to think like the herd, so even if you love Spam, or something else weird on your pizza, don’t write that!

It’s udderly fun: You get to find out a lot about your friends from the things they write. You also get a buzz from thinking alike: “You love olives on pizza too? Get in!”.

Short and sweet: The rule for our games is quick to play and minutes to learn. Herd Mentality is no different. You’ll be collecting cows in no time and wanting to play again, rather than running out of steam.

 - 120 Question Cards
 - 62 Cow Tokens
 - 2 Answer Pads
 - 1 Cow Paddock
 - 1 Angry Pink Cow

Players: 4-10 | Time: 20mins | Age: 10+ | Size: 200 x 265 x 68mm 

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