Hive Pocket



Hive Pocket

This wonderful travel version comes with 26 beautifully crafted Hive pieces, includes a very nice soft drawstring bag and the two expansions to the game: ‘The Mosquito’ introduced in 2007 and ‘The Ladybug’ which was added to the Hive® family in 2010. The pieces measure 25 mm across and 10 mm in depth and the whole game weighs only 200g including the bag, compared to the full size standard Hive game, which weighs 600g.

This version is great for taking on trips where space is an issue or for backpacking where weight and space may be a problem. Playing the game even on small airplane tables is now easier than ever. Hive Pocket® is the very same wonderful game as the standard Hive, with the same quality you'd expect, but much smaller and compact. Now you never need to go anywhere without Hive® again.

Object of Game:
Each player has one Queen Bee piece. Surround your opponents Queen Bee with either yours or your opponents coloured pieces. The first person to surround your opponents Queen Bee wins. It's as simple as that, .... but is it?

Takes a few minutes to learn and a lifetime to master, just like chess.

Parts in the box: 28 parts in total
Contents: 26 Tactile Game Pieces
- 3 white & black ants
- 2 white & black spiders
- 2 white & black beetles
- 3 white & black grasshoppers
- 1 white & black queen bee
- 1 white & black mosquito
- 1 white & black ladybug
- Soft Travel Bag
- Illustrated Rules Leaflet
Warnings: Not suitable for children under 3 years old
Box dimensions: Width -140mm | Height - 140mm | Depth - 50mm

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