How to Play Bridge With Your Spouse & Survive - Teukolsky



How to Play Bridge With Your Spouse & Survive - Teukolsky
Even social bridge can be like a roller-coaster, where partners rocket up and down together from euphoria to you idiot - and the pressures of the tournament game make it worse still. Indeed, when a married couple play bridge together, they tend to drag the marriage along with them -- for better or worse. For the answer to the social dilemma of how to survive bridge games with your spouse, read this book. The author has been happily married for many years to her favorite bridge partner, and knows whereof she speaks. Readers will learn to deal with such situations as premarital bridge, bridge with another couple, disaster recovery, romantic weekends, mid-life crises and even children as the critical phases of a bridge marriage are subjected to Ms. Teukolskys witty and engaging analysis and advice.

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