How to Play the Chigorin Defense in the Queen's Gambit Declined - Eric Schiller



How to Play the Chigorin Defense in the Queen's Gambit Declined by Eric Schiller

The Chigorin Defense to the Queen's Gambit is an aggressive alternative to the passive defenses commonly seen in the tournament arena. Mikhail Chigorin's ideas have been put to good use by Lasker, Tartakower, Smyslov, Korchnoi, and Miles, while even Capablanca and Alekhine have wandered into its transpositional paths. Black is willing to part with the Bishop pair early in the game in return for strong counterplay with his active knights supporting pawn advances in the center. The opening has understandably enjoyed renewed popularity in the past few years.

Eric Schiller's study of the opening builds on groundbreaking work by Andy Soltis and John Watson, combining up-to-date praxis with freshly examined theory. Well over two hundred and fifty games are cited, most given in full. The reader will also find a great deal of analytical material which has not yet been seen in the tournament arena.

Paperback, 108 pages, Chess Enterprises

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