Isolani Strategy - Beliavsky, Stetsko & Mikhalchishin



Isolani Strategy: Strength and Weaknesses of the Isolated Queen's Pawn

by Beliavsky, Stetsko & Mikhalchishin

Aaron Nimzowitsch, one of the greatest chess researchers, called the problem of the isolani – his term for the isolated d-pawn – "one of the cardinal problems in the whole theory of positional play".

In the present book, on the basis of numerous practical examples, the author explain the methods of attack and defence in positions with an isolated d-pawn, from just after the opening to deep into the endgame. Grandmaster Alexander Beliavsky is best known as a four-times winner of the USSR Championship, grandmaster Adrian Mikhalchishin was a member of Karpov’s training team during his epic matches with Kasparov, and national master Oleg Stetsko is a highly experienced trainer and writer.

Hardback, 226 pages, Russian Chess House

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