Judit Polgar Deluxe Wooden Chess Set with Box (Pieces, Board & Box)



Judit Polgar Deluxe Wooden Chess Set with Box (Pieces, Board & Box)

The beautiful wooden chess pieces and magnificent chess board were selected by Judit Polgar, the world's best female chess player. The exclusive chess pieces are supplied in a luxurious wooden box with Judit's signature. They are weighted with two queens for each colour. King height is 95 mm / 3.75".   

The beautiful chess board also includes Judit Polgar's signature. It is made from Maple and Cassia Siamea giving the board an elegant look. Together the deluxe chess pieces and chess board form the perfect match!  

Product features:

  • Selected by Judit polgar
  • Matching wooden board, pieces and box
  • Pieces come in a wooden box.
  • Collectors piece.
  • King Height: 95mm / 3.75"
  • Storage Box Dimensions: 237 x 152 x 112 mm
  • Board Dimensions: 540 x 540 x 18 mm
  • Square Size: 55mm

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful set. Pieces are a pleasure to hold in your hand.

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