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Kersplatt Board Game
Kersplatt Board Game

Kersplatt! Is the hilarious, fast-paced, family board game of modelling mayhem! A high energy, tactile but strategic board game that will See players Kersplatting opponents’ creative masterpieces in the quest to be the first to get two play pieces home. First players have to get creative and make their own play pieces with the modelling Dough provided, then it is all to play for!

Taking it in turns to turn over a card, players try to advance their play pieces as far as they can around the board whilst trying to stop Their opponents from reaching their home square first. There are three types of card: a coloured number card allows you to advance your play piece to the nearest empty space either matching the colour of the card or the number on the card. A choice of two colours card allow you to choose the colour that advances you the further around the board.

The third Type of card is the Kersplatt or colour card; with this card you can choose to either advance to the further colour space or take your hand, starting from your own start space, travel along the path until you reach the first opponent’s play piece and Kersplatt it! Once a play piece has been Kersplatted it remains on the board making that area a dead space that cannot be landed on.

Kersplatt! Is a fantastic 2-4 player family board game where strategy and tactics definitely come into play. Perfect for players age 6 years and over.
  • A fast-paced, high energy, family board game of modelling mayhem!
  • Get creative and make your own modelling dough play pieces
  • Kersplatt opponent’s masterpieces in the quest to be the first to get home
  • Quick to set up and easy to play rules
  • Ideal for 2-4 players and suitable for age 6 plus
Safety Warning: not appropriate for children under the age of 3

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