Killer French Part 1 and 2 - GM Simon Williams (DVD)

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Killer French Part 1 and 2 - GM Simon Williams (DVD)
Killer French Part 1 and 2 - GM Simon Williams (DVD)
To win without risk is to triumph without glory.

In this, Simon's second DVD, he will guide you through Black's part in the French Defence. Simon's frank, clear and understandable delivery of material of which he has extensive knowledge certainly aids the viewer in increasing their understanding of these opening lines. Simon's first DVD has been internationally acclaimed as setting new standards in this format for his clear approach to delivering sometimes complex material. Chapters are broken up through chess-related montages maintaining a viewing interest from start to finish. This feature is a standalone product running on all platforms and requiring no additional software.

This is a combined deal of both volumes of a 2 part DVD series:
  • DVD 1 covers The Advance Variation and Tarrasch Variation. Running time 5 hours
  • DVD 2 covers The Winawer Variation, Exchange Variation, Kings Indian Attack and Any Other Possibilities. running time 5 hours

Total Running Time 10 hours

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