Kramnik: Life and Games - Vladimir Kramnik & Iakov Damsky



Kramnik: Life and Games - Vladimir Kramnik & Iakov Damsky

Paperback, 288 pages

Since he first burst onto the world chess scene in 1992, displaying a maturity of play far beyond his sixteen years, Vladimir Kramnik has been tipped as a future World Champion. Still only in his mid-twenties, he is now firmly consolidated in the worlds top three. He has won numerous tournaments in many countries, and is one of the very few players regularly to hold his own with Kasparov. This book, Kramniks first, describes his life and chess career, beginning with his unusual childhood. It features more than 50 of his best games, deeply annotated, plus numerous additional games and game extracts, including some from quickplay and blindfold events.

Autobiography of new world champion, Vladimir Kramnik has become the first new world champion for 15 years after beating Garry Kasparov in an historic upset in the Brain Games World Chess Championship. Kramnik is the first ever human to beat Kasparov in a match. A momentous result, it ends a reign of 15 years for Kasparov.

ISBN: 9781857442700, Everyman Chess

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