Ljubojević's Best Chess Games - Zenon Franco



Ljubojević's Best Chess Games by Zenon Franco

Ljubomir Ljubojević belongs to a generation of extraordinary chessplayers, whose most outstanding representative is Anatoly Karpov. Ljubojević reached number 3 in the world rankings and a potential candidate for the world title.

The book consists of forty of his best games, played between 1970 and 2008, annotated in the “Move by Move” format, with questions and exercises, a method which is effective both for training and teaching. At the start of his career Ljubojević was notable for his dynamic and original style but his play gradually became more rounded and positionally refined.

As usual, Franco is keen to highlight the practical aspects of competitive chess, since we are playing, not against computers, but against human beings like ourselves, who make mistakes, like or dislike the position, get tired etc.

Grandmaster Zenón Franco from Paraguay has published 37 books in seven languages. He received the 2016 Isaac Boleslavsky book of the year award from the FIDE Trainers Commission. In 2016, Zenon was granted an award by the Paraguayan parliament “in recognition for his invaluable and meritorious contribution to Paraguayan sport”: for his chess career and for his help in the development of chess in Paraguay.

ISBN: 9788409381210, Paperback, 261 pages, Zenonchess Ediciones


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