Magnus Carlsen: A Life in Pictures



Magnus Carlsen: A Life in Pictures
The story of the World Champion in more than 200 photos

Magnus Carlsen: A Life in Pictures tells the story of the reigning World Chess Champion. Magnus Carlsen, born in 1990 in Oslo, Norway, became a Grandmaster by 13. Carlsen was crowned World Champion in 2013, when he defeated Anand and has successfully defended his title three times. He will again play for the title in November in Dubai.

Carlsen is a family man, often surrounded by his father, mother and sisters. As a sports fanatic he plays – and follows – football and basketball. He doesn’t shy away from his celebrity status, and was both a G-Star model and a Real Madrid VIP guest. But his most genuine smile breaks through when he talks chess with his youngest fans, the kids in a chess tournament.

This full-colour and hardcover photobook tells the story of Magnus Carlsen - with no games, but with hundreds of fascinating pictures. For this book, New In Chess had access to the Carlsen family archive and the pictures of the best chess photographers in the world, such as Lennart Ootes, David Llada, Alina l'Ami, Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam and many others. The text is by GM Jonathan Tisdall.

ISBN: 9789056919917, Hardback, 160 pages, New in Chess


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