Mastering Complex Endgames - Mikhalchisin & Stetsko



Mastering Complex Endgames by Adrian Mikhalchisin & Oleg Stetsko

Paperback, 411 pages

Adrian and Oleg have compiled, resulting from all different kind of middlegames, an impressive amount of the most instructive endgames. The ideal material for any chess player or trainer in search of the necessary endgame finesses.

GM Adrian Mikhalchisin is a renowned former Ukranian and Soviet junior chess champion, chess trainer, theoretician and writer. He coached Anatoly Karpov, Alexander Beliavsky, Richard Rapport to name some and wrote more than 20 books. He is also the chairman of the FIDE trainers commission and ECU board member since 2014

IM Oleg Stetsko was from 1980 until 1989, the chief trainer of the Soviet national chess teams. He wrote actively about chess from 1993 until 2013 for magazines such as Chess Magazine, Chess review-64. As co-author he wrote several books with GM's Eduard Gufeld and Adrian Mikhalchisin.

ISBN: 9789492510112, Thinkers Publishing

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