Mastering Hand Evaluation - Lawrence Diamond



Mastering Hand Evaluation - Lawrence Diamond
Mastering Hand Evaluation by Lawrence Diamond
Understanding the Principles of Partnership Bidding

Paperback, 131 pages

Advance Your Partnership Communication
Getting to good games, slams, and staying out of poor contracts is an important aspect of bridge. The best way to improve your bidding is not to add a new convention but to improve your hand evaluation skills. In Mastering Hand Evaluation: Understanding the Principles of Partnership Bidding you will learn about the science of hand evaluation, going far beyond 4-3-2-1 high card points. Enhance your ability to recognize good cards and discover the magic of the 30-point deck.

Popular point count and losing trick count methods are examined and tested using a database of over 121,000 hands from championship play as well as practice matches with at least one world champion at the table. Improvements to the best methods are introduced based on the results.

About the Author
Lawrence Diamond (USA) is a Gold Life Master with multiple Bracket 1 and Flight A wins. In 2014, he ranked 265th on the Barry Crane Top 500 list.

Categories: Bidding | Intermediate | Advanced | Honors eBooks | Honors Books

ISBN: 978-1-77140-153-1, Master Point Press

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