Millennium ChessVolt - Battery Pack for Millennium Computers (M825)



Millennium ChessVolt - Battery Pack for Millennium Computers (M825)

Perfect for garden & balcony, camping and all places where there is no power outlet in the immediate vicinity. The practical battery pack is suitable for Millennium chess computers and accessories with 9V power supply:

  • M820 – ChessGenius Exclusive
  • M822 – ChessLink
  • M823 – The King Element
  • M824 – The King Lasker Edition
  • M826 – The King Chess960 Edition
  • M830 – The King Performance

To charge, simply use the adapter supplied with your chess computer. The ChessVolt guarantees many hours of playing time independent of the mains. Simply connect your chess computer with the supplied cable. 4 LEDs indicate the state of charge.

Item no: M825
Specifications: 3,7 V 12.000 mAH, Output: 9 V 0,6 A

  • This article is an accessory and may only be used with the chess computer models M820, M822, M823, M824, M826 and M830.
  • Do not open, do not modify, do not cover. Protect from moisture, humidity, heat (e.g. direct sunlight, radiators)..

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