Millennium Europe Chess Champion Chess Computer + 7 Games (M800)

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Millennium Europe Chess Champion - Multi Game and Chess Computer
8 games in 1 machine!

The chess and game computer for beginners and on the go. With practical piece compartment for travelling.

You are not sure if chess is the right thing for you and your family? With the Europe Chess Champion you get an inexpensive chess computer with which you can also play other classics like checkers, halma and reversi. Here is the right thing for the whole family! The chess program offers all players a fair chance to win.

His compact case and the practical piece compartment make it the ideal companion on travels. The high-quality MILLENNIUM pieces are equipped with powerful magnets. So the pieces always stay in the right place even in the car, in the train or on the beach.

The Europe Chess Champion is equipped with the latest MILLENNIUM High-Sensitive pressure sensor technology. The particularly easy to operate chess board ensures maximum gaming fun!
A large, illuminated LCD screen displays help, learning and control functions.
With 13 languages for all menu and help texts as well as the operating instructions, the right language is available for (almost) everyone!

Chess Features
The device naturally masters the special rules of chess: castling, pawn promotion and en-passant capturing. It has an extensive opening library as well as a position memory, so that you can interrupt your games at any time.

7 Other Games
Besides chess, the following game classics are included: Dame, Reversi, Halma, 4 in a row, Nim, Fox & Geese and Northcote.

Perfect for Travelling
The Europe Chess Champion can be operated with batteries (3x AAA, not included) and has a practical piece compartment in the cabinet – so you can also use the device as a comfortable travel chess computer.

Power Supply Connection
Thanks to the power supply connection for the optional MILLENNIUM M811 power supply, you can connect the Europe Chess Champion to the mains in many countries.

  • Sensor desktop unit with full graphic game-board display
  • Suitable for beginners and social chess players
  • Compartment for pieces
  • This not only provides advantages for the normal play and position functions, but is also suitable for valuable tutoring and training
  • Chess Strength approximately 1400 ELO (100 ECF)
  • With 100 additional exercises, includes the entire range of chess-specific special rules
  • Menu navigation and built-in help function for intuitive use of the device, in 13 European languages: English, German, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Czech and Slovakia
  • Playing area size: 175 x 175mm
  • Overall size:255 x 190 x 10mm
EAN: 4-032153-008004, Millennium Chess


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Customer Reviews

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Jon Downie
Magnetic chess pieces?

The board is decent - the storage for the pieces could be better and definitely would have benefitted from much stronger magnets! Being able to play a few different games is definitely a benefit.

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