Mini Giant Plastic Chess Set (Pieces & Board)



Mini Giant Plastic Chess Set (Pieces & Board)

This large Chess Set provides great fun for schools, gardens, hotels, special events and more. The tallest chess piece, the King, stands at 16 inches tall.

The material is Polyurethane plastic, which is tough, durable, and kid proof! Designed to handle all weather conditions, this set is perfect for those summery days, autumn breezes - the list goes on. The pieces  are lightweight, making it easy to move them around and simple to pack away. Unlike other chess products, this set will not lose its colour when exposed to light.

The chess set includes 16 white chess pieces and 16 black chess pieces.

King: height 41cm, Base 17cm, weight 543gram
Queen: height 36cm, Base 16cm, weight 420gram
Knight: height 27.5cm, Base 15cm, weight 465gram
Bishop: height 31.5cm, Base 15cm, weight 385gram
Rook: height 25cm, Base 14.5cm, weight 317gram
Pawn: height 22.5cm, Base 11.5cm, weight 184gram

Includes a Plastic Rubberised Vinyl Giant Chess Board
The giant chess board is durable, safe, easy to assemble, and can be rolled up for fast transportation and storage. - it's practically indestructible! It works great on both soft and hard surfaces, but it favours the harder surfaces more. The 16" King pieces fits this board perfectly. 

Board Square size: 8''X8''(20X20cm).
Total Board size: 160X160cm
Weight: Each square is about 160grams, 64pcs is 11kgs.
Board Color: Black+White 

*This product ships in two boxes - UK shipping £19.98 - International orders please enquire for customised quotes.

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