Modern Chess Self Tutor - Bronstein



Modern Chess Self Tutor - Bronstein
Modern Chess Self Tutor - BronsteinThis book by Grandmaster David Bronstein, one of the most original and influential players of the post-war period, is not a self-tutor in the conventional sense, where the basics of opening, middlegame and endgame play are drily explained. Instead, the author engages in a frank conversation with the reader, discussing how strong players decide on their moves, and covering such topics as:A shelter for the kingThe deployment of the pieces and pawnsAttack and DefenceThe strengths and weaknesses of a position... and much more.David Bronstein played chess for over 50 years at the top-level. He proposed and introduced many new and original ideas. Ken Neat has translated and edited numerous Russian books for Everyman and its predecessors, Pergamon and Cadogan, has played chess at many levels including the British Championships. Bronstein has also written the highly acclaimed Sorcerers Apprentice and Modern Chess Self-Tutor

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