More Basic Chess Openings - Kallai



More Basic Chess Openings - Gabor Kallai
Are you:

  • K.O'd by the King's Indian?
  • Nervous about the Nimzo?
  • Intrigued by the English?

In this comprehensive book for players of all ages Grandmaster Kallai provides a straightforward, easy-to-use guide to surviving the maze of chess openings, covering all the popular modern opeinings starting with 1 d4, 1 c4, and 1 Nf3, as well as some of the lesser known alternatives to 1 e4.

Rather than present a mass of bewilderingvariations, as is common to most opening books, the author concentrates on developing a solid undrstanding of the ideas of each opening, so that readers can start each game with confidence. He arms the aspiring player with the fundamental grounding essential for achieving sound and promising positions from the opening, with an emphasis on formulating good plans for the middlegame.


Hungarian Grandmaster Gabor Kallai has won numerous tournaments ans is the author of several opening books.

The companion volume to this book, Basic Chess Openings, covers all of the openings starting with 1 e4.

ISBN: 9781857442069, 158 pages, Paperback, Everyman Chess.

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