My First Book of Checkmate and Workbook - David MacEnulty (2 Books)



My First Book of Checkmate and Workbook - David MacEnulty (2 Books)
My First Book of Checkmate and Workbook by David MacEnulty (2 Books)
Basic Patterns & Practical Exercises

Paperbacks (softcovers), 184 and 96 pages

Checkmate Wins the Game! - And learning checkmate patterns helps you win games - It’s that simple.

Many checkmates fall into recognizable patterns. 'My First Book of Checkmate' presents all the basic patterns in clear diagrams, provides simple puzzles to get you started, and then takes you on a fascinating and rewarding journey through the beautiful and brilliant world of checkmate.

By the time you finish this book you will be well prepared both to see danger before it strikes, and to deliver the crushing blows that win games.

You have no doubt heard the saying that practice makes perfect. Actually, practice makes permanent. If you practice badly, you will perform badly. It is practice in the pursuit of perfection that leads to better performance. Accurate practice is the essential ingredient in achieving success in any complex endeavour.

With almost 300 checkmate exercises, My First Book of Checkmate Workbook offers the opportunity for accurate practice at the all-important task of finding checkmate.

Beginning with the simplest checkmate patterns, this this companion of My First Book of Checkmate proceeds gradually and methodically through ever more complex puzzles until you are solving problems that can take four, five or six moves to unfold.
This is truly practice that will lead to perfection in the exciting field of checkmate.

About the Author
David MacEnulty is an award winning teacher with over twenty years of experience teaching children and adults. His chess teams have won numerous New York City, New York State and National Chess Championships. He has won several Teacher of the Year awards, was named Chess Educator of the Year by the University of Texas at Dallas, and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the US Chess Federation.

ISBN: 978-936490-94-3 & 978-888690-16-3, Russell Enterprises

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