Nottingham 1936 - Alexander Alekhine



Nottingham 1936 - Alexander Alekhine
Nottingham 1936 - Alexander Alekhine
paperback, 195 pages

Following their recent re-issue in algebraic of New York 1924, Russell Enterprises have now released a companion volume on Alekhine's other great English language tournament book with a fine introduction by Andrew Soltis who sets the scene and places the tournament in the context of its time.The previously available edition, published by Dover, was in descriptive notation.The production standards are very high and the round by round introductory comments and game annotations a joy to read.Capablanca and Botvinnik shared first with 10 and a half points from 15 games, ahead of Fine, Reshevsky and Euwe. Then came Alekhine himself, followed by Flohr, Lasker, Vidmar, Tartakower, Bogoljubow and the best British players in a heap at the bottom. This was indeed one of the greatest tournaments of chess history - 5 world champions took part!. Capablanca gained some revenge for the loss of his title by beating Alekhine in their individual encounter, whilst Botvinnik's joint victory was a great triumph for the Soviet Union - with Stalin even sending a congratulatory telegram.A tournament that had everything, including a last round "scandal" when William Winter agreed a draw with Botvinnik in a clearly superior position. There were suspicions that Winter's communist sympathies played a part in his generous offer!Relive chess history by reading through this old classic in a new format!

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