Nunns Chess Endings Vol 1 and Vol 2 - John Nunn



Nunns Chess Endings Vol 1 and Vol 2 - John Nunn
English Chess Federation Book of the Year 2011Nunns Chess Endings Vol 1 and Vol 2 - John NunnPaperback, 672 pages combinedIn this major two-volume work, renowned endgame theoretician John Nunn teaches the skills that are most important to success in practical endgames.Going beyond standard texts, Dr Nunn shows how to apply knowledge of standard endgames to find the right methods in tricky real-life practical situations - even when they differ greatly from the idealized forms given by traditional endgame manuals. Identifies new and important motifs which occur repeatedly in over-the-board play Tactical elements are heavily featured In many examples, previous analysis is corrected Focuses on endgames that are susceptible to concrete analysis Geared to the over-the-board player - no composed or artificial positions/li> Ideas underlying analysis - however complex - are richly explained in wordsNunn shows that lack of familiarity with key ideas can cause important ideas and themes to be missed even by very strong players. We discover that a staggering amount of previously published endgame analysis is simply wrong, and that many of the standard guidelines are at best partially true.The first volume covers general topics and discusses in detail pawn endings, queen endings and minor-piece endings.The second volume focuses on rook endgames - the most common and important category of practical endgames. Nunn also covers endings with rooks and minor pieces, a wide and rich area of strategic endgame play that is universally recognized as vital for chess mastery, but nevertheless neglected in chess literature.Dr John Nunn is one of the best-respected figures in world chess. He was among the worlds leading grandmasters for nearly twenty years, winning four gold medals in chess Olympiads and finishing sixth overall in the World Cup in 1989. He is a much-acclaimed writer, whose works have won Book of the Year awards in several countries. In both 2004 and 2007 Nunn was crowned World Chess Solving Champion, ahead of many former champions.Gambit books by John Nunn: Endgame Challenge, Grandmaster Chess Move by Move, Grandmaster Secrets: Winning Quickly at Chess, John Nunns Chess Puzzle Book NEW EDITION, Learn Chess, Learn Chess Tactics, Nunns Chess Endings volume 1, Nunns Chess Endings volume 2, Secrets of Pawnless Endings, Secrets of Practical Chess NEW EDITION, Secrets of Rook Endings, Solving in Style, Understanding Chess Endgames, Understanding Chess Move by Move.
English Chess Federation Book of the Year 2011The judges unanimously decided that John Nunn's two volume work, Nunn's Chess Endings Volumes 1 and 2 was a worthy winner ?The question may be asked whether another lengthy work on the endgame is required (670 pages in all). In fact the author asks this question himself. Nunn's answer is that he is approaching endgames from a different angle than normal manuals. First of all he is focusing on endgames requiring precise analysis, rather than the strategic endgames of players such as Karpov and Smyslov. He concentrates exclusively on end games from practical play; in other words the real life situations that so often cause difficulties for the player over the board. As always with Nunn his exemplary use of the computer ensures that the analysis is faultless.This is not inconsiderable, but of itself not sufficient to win the award. Where the book excels is the combination of analysis with excellent and clear narrative which enables the reader to understand the lessons from the well chosen examples. Here Nunn's experience as a world class player and his established writing skills come into play. He is careful to illuminate the difference between computer analysis and the human approach over the board. As a result the instructional value is considerable. To take but one example only, Nunn gives interesting game positions where the maxim ?the outside pawn always wins king and pawn endings?, would appear applicable. He then demonstrates the circumstances in which it may not apply.Another major feature is the correction of previous published analysis. This shows what a difficult and complex game chess is and how even strong grandmasters can reach incorrect conclusions both over the board and in published analysis. Nunn has undertaken a considerable amount of work in writing these two volumes. The result is not just an excellent text book, but one which expands our knowledge of chess endgames.We should point out that a basic knowledge of end game theory is necessary to get the best out of these two volumes. Lastly, though the books may appear somewhat daunting, there is much pleasure to be had in working through fascinating positions (some of which match endgame studies with their aesthetic appeal) with John Nunn as your erudite guide.- R B Edwards, J Farrand, D Friedgood - 3rd October 2011

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