Offbeat Spanish - Flear



Offbeat Spanish - Glenn Flear
Meeting the Spanish without 3...a6

Written by an expert on the Spanish

Ideas and strategies for both sides

Up-to-date theory on the sharpest lines.

Decisding what to play against the Spanish Game (classically known as the Ruy Lopez) is a perennial problem for those who play "open games" as Black. It's all too easy to play too passively and end up having to face what is known as the "Spanish Torture".

In this book, Glenn Flear studies a wide variety of ambitious and offbeat answers catering for many different playing styles. From the super-solid Berlin (as used so successfully by Vladimir Kramnik in his World Championship match victory against Garry Kasparov) to the uncompromising Schliemann, there is enough choice here for any prospective black player facing the Spanish. On the other hand, this book is also perfect for Spanish enthusiasts looking for the best way to deal with those avoiding main lines.

English Grandmaster Glenn Flear is one of the most popular professionals on the European tournament circuit. Now living in France, Flear has numerous chess books to his name and has earned a reputation as a skilful and diligent writer.

ISBN: 9781857442427, 144 pages, Paperback, Everyman Chess

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