Over Hoffman's Shoulder - Martin Hoffman & Marc Smith

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Over Hoffman's Shoulder - Martin Hoffman & Marc Smith

Martin Hoffman was born in Czechoslovakia, and spent much of the Second World War in concentration camps. He then came to England, where he became one of the worlds foremost bridge professionals, famous for his ability to achieve high placings even when partnered only by a client. The author of several best-selling bridge books, Martin and his wife Audrey spend the summers in London and the winters in Florida.

Marc Smith is the author of twenty books on bridge and writes regular columns in bridge magazines worldwide and on the internet. He is a Grand Master and a member of the British junior team that won the 1985 European Union Championships. In 1999 he became only the second non-American to win the Book of the Year award, presented by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

160 pages, paperback

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