Paul Morphy - Geza Maroczy



Paul Morphy - Geza Maroczy
Paul Morphy - Geza MaroczyTranslated from German by Robert SherwoodHardback, 292 pages'Paul Morphy' by Geza Maroczy, translated by Robert Sherwood from the 1909 edition published in Germany.Maroczy was the strongest player who ever annotated all of Morphy games and thus to non-German language readers, it should be of special interest, especially since the standards for analytical notes is far higher even in 1909 than were accepted when these games were played. There are all of Morphy's then known games analyzed, though a few are game fragments when the full game was not known.This 600-copy printing is the only printing which will be made.ISBN: 0939433737, Caissas Editions

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