Play Bridge With Reese - Terence Reese

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Play Bridge With Reese by Terence Reese

In most sports, as you aim for the top there is a stumbling block. Your golf swing is fine on the driving range, but you are no Tiger Woods on the course. You hold your own at tennis, but you are no Roger Federer. You win your share of bridge games, but you are no Zia Mahmood. Somehow, the real genius of these pastimes eludes you. This book, one of the all-time classics on bridge, attempts to take you across that barrier. You are at a world champions elbow from the moment he picks up his cards. You share his thoughts in the bidding and play. You perceive how an expert works out the opposing hands and become aware of inferences that average players never dream exist. This book is still full of fresh ideas that will help any players game improve.

Terence Reese was arguably the best bridge writer of all time. A multiple World and National champion, he was the author of scores of books, some of them classics of bridge literature. This book as been unavailable for many years.

Paperback, 240 pages 

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