Play the Semi-Slav - David Vigorito



Play the Semi-Slav - David Vigorito
Play the Semi-Slav - David Vigorito

Paperback, 280 pages

A 280 page repertoire book in the Semi-Slav, dealing with the Exchange Slav, Meran variation, Botvinnik variation and the currently immensely popular Moscow variation. This book provides expert guidance on how to play this exciting variation. The author clearly explains which lines he recommends for Black and offers a choice of replies against the main lines.* An exciting and sound repertoire for Black* Learn to use the methods of todays top chess players.* Clear explanations of the standard plans* Plenty of original analysis and many improvements on existing theory.280 pagesDavid Vigorito is an International Master from Massachusetts, USA, who is respected for his opening expertise. This is his second opening book - his first; Challenging the Nimzo Indian was well-received.

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