Purling Stone Chess Set Red & Black



Purling Stone Chess Set Red & Black

Our ‘Stone Chess’ sets are crafted in Italy from Alabaster which is a mineral or rock that is tactile, durable and soft enough to be used for detailed carving. As a natural mineral product, Alabaster has translucent properties often with veined colour variations naturally occurring; giving each set a truly unique finish. Each chess piece is machined from the solid mineral, dyed over several days for depth of colour and then polished and lacquered to provide a wonderful lustre.

The comfortingly heavy pieces are completed with an Italian Nappa Leather felt embossed with the Purling logo in 18 carat gold. The solid Alabaster chess board complements the pieces, displaying a unique natural veining of the polished mineral in each board. Each set is shipped in the Purling branded premium packaging, both protecting and displaying your purchase perfectly.



  • Height - 10cm
  • Width - 45cm
  • Length - 45cm
  • Weight - 6kg


Between 3.8cm and 7.5cm


34 solid Italian Alabaster chess pieces, polished and with natural veining


Italian Alabaster with natural veining measuring 35x35cm


Italian Nappa leather felt with 18 carat gold embossed with Purling logo


Luxury Purling box

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