Rampant Chess: Over 60 great games by Scottish Masters - Chandler & Ruxton



Rampant Chess: Over 60 great games by Scottish Masters
by Geoff Chandler & Keith Ruxton

"Ok Geoff , it's the back of the book so think of something sensible to say."
"Chess was invented so this book could be written." Geoff Chandler
"Forget it, just leave it to the experts."

Thirteen Scottish Masters have each selected five of their most entertaining and important games for inclusion in this book.

The authors have annotated the selected games in a highly original and humorous style - a style on which all future chess books will be judged. 

While the main aim is to entertain, there is no denying the instructional value of this book. Both authors believe that education and enjoyment need not be mutually exclusive and that the best way to learn is while having fun.

All money raised from the sale of this book will go to Chess Scotland.

ISBN: 9781906552343, Paperback, 200 pages

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