Regular Sapele and Sycamore Chess Board (REG 1)

Size: 45mm Squares


Regular 1 Chess Board
Sapele and Sycamore Board with Sapele Edging

Our most popular chessboard. Featuring Sapele and Sycamore veneers, this board combines well with almost any style of chess pieces, making it a perfect introductory chess board.

Available in 3 square sizes:
 - 45mm squares, suitable for 3" King height pieces
 - 50mm squares, suitable for 3.75" King height pieces
 - 58mm squares, suitable for 4" King height pieces

Overall board dimensions:
 - 45mm squares board: 450mm x 450mm x 13mm

 - 50mm squares board: 480mm x 480mm x 13mm
 - 58mm squares board: 540mm x 540mm x 13mm

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