Roman's Lab 24: Live from Las Vegas National Open



Romans Lab Vol 24 - Live from Las Vegas National Open (over 2h)

In Volume 24,Scandinavian Defense Nf6, Intro to Kings Indian Attack and More! LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS - Romans lectures at the U.S. National Open

FIRST LECTURE - Roman covers all the non main lines in the Scandinavian Defence Nf6 not covered on his Volume 17 DVD, "Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black"! In the second part of the lecture, Roman gives you an introduction to an opening he has been playing for 20 years, and one of Fischers favorites ... The Kings Indian Attack!!

SECOND LECTURE - Roman goes over two very entertaining and educational games from the Polgar Sisters Triplex Simul.

Over 2 hours of instructional video

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