Romans Lab Vol 55 - A Tribute to Bobby Fischer (3h)



Romans Lab Vol 55 - A Tribute to Bobby Fischer (3h)
In Volume 55: A Tribute to Bobby Fischer. On this DVD Roman pays tribute to the greatest pure chess genius of all time, Bobby Fischer.Included on this DVD:* Never published and never revealed commentary and facts about Fischer's life* Evolution of Fischer from age 12* How Russia ordered all their greatest GMs to prepare Spassky to beat Fischer in their 1972 WC match* Fischer requested to meet and play Roman in the eighties* Roman will show you his favorite Fischer games - these games are fantastic and rarely analyzed* Roman comments on Fischer vs Karpov and who was better Fischer or Kasparov?* Bonus included interview from Karpov on Fischer and he annotates Game 3 of 1972 WC* Extremely Rare footage from the Fischer Spassky 1992 rematchRunning time 3 hours

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