Romans Lab Vol 58 - Common Endgame Mistakes (over 1h)



Romans Lab Vol 58 - Common Endgame Mistakes (over 1h)
Romans Lab 58: Common Endgame MistakesDVD, Running time: over 1 hourIn Volume 58: Taking Advantage of Common Endgame Mistakes Made by All Tournament PlayersOn this DVD Roman answers one of his most frequently asked questions: How to improve in the endgame. Roman takes several highly instructional examples from tournament play, these are common mistakes made by all players.It is essential to know opening and endgame theory and to follow chess principles such as: Activate your pieces Theory - before entering into the endgame know whether it is a win, loss or draw Never allow an outside passed pawn Knowing how to use an extra tempo can change a draw into a winGrandMaster Roman Dzindzichashvili: Former two time U.S. Champion & Russian Champion World Open Winner, Writer & Teacher Former Chess Coach & Trainer for World Champions Gary Kasparov & Anatoly KarpovIncludes FREE: MasterChess 6000 - VALUE $24.95! - Fully functional chess playing program "Crafty" rated 2613 with a searchable data base of over 100,000 top GrandMaster games from 2000 to March 2003. GrandMaster statistical tree also imports & exports games in PGN format. Bookup Premiere demo - A method of mastering the chess openings. ChessReader demo - Software to display Chesscafé eBooks. Blitzin demo - Play chess online with the Internet Chess Club. Chess Tactic Arts demo - Improve your tactics by solving exercises. Advanced School of Chess demo - Instructive tutorial on all chess fundamentals. Chess Mentor demo - Instructional software (like having a private chess coach).

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