Rossolimo and Friends - Alexei Kornev



Rossolimo and Friends - Alexei Kornev
Rossolimo and Friends by Alexei Kornev
A Complete Repertoire vs. the Sicilian

Paperback (softcover), 348 pages

Every chess player, who begins his games with the move 1.e2-e4, should be perfectly prepared to counter the move 1...c7-c5, after which there arises the Sicilian Defence on the board. Why is this opening so dangerous for White? The point is that in all the basic variations of the Sicilian Defence the fight is double-edged and often White risks at least as much as Black does. White is practically deprived of the possibility to simplify the position by numerous exchanges of pieces and to try to steer the game into a drawish outcome. There is another very important circumstance as well. In almost all the variations of the Sicilian Defence an enormous amount of theory has been amassed and not all the chess fans can afford to spend so much time and efforts in order to learn the endless variations in all the main lines.

The Rossolimo Attack and the Moscow Variation are analysed in the first and second part of this book. In the third part of the book, numerous second moves for Black are analysed, besides 2...Nc6 and 2...d6 and no doubt, the most dangerous move for White is 2...e6.

About the Author
Alexei Kornev is an international grandmaster and coach. In 2001 he took silver in the Russian Cup Final. He is also the winner of a number of international tournaments. Highest Elo so far - 2582.

ISBN13: 978 619 7188 03-5, Chess Stars

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