School of Chess Excellence 1: Endgame Analysis - Mark Dvoretsky



School of Chess Excellence 1 by Mark Dvoretsky
Endgame Analysis

Mark Dvoretsky is regarded as the leading chess coach in the world, and in this series of books he reveals the training methods that have transformed so many of his pupils into champions.

This first title is devoted to the endgame and examines a wide range of positions, taken mainly from games of the author’s pupils. The comments are packed with practical advice and special test positions and frequent questions ensure that the reader’s participation in the book is an active one.

Edited by Ken Neat. 264 pp with many diagrams

ISBN-13: 978-3-283-00416-3, Paperback, Edition Olms 

*please note the cover of part 1 is not white and is actually coloured like the other volumes. The design is as shown.

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