Sicilian Defense Four Knights Variation - Milos Perunovic



Sicilian Defense Four Knights Variation
by Milos Perunovic

Perunović devoted a lot of time to the analysis of this variation and learned its deepest secrets. In this book, he will convey to you his deep understanding of the theory, accompanied by clear explanations of the key strategic and tactical motives. Given that the author’s experience is not only limited to theory but also to practical experience, he will share and advise you on how to maximize your practical chances with suggestions that are guaranteed to overwhelm your opponents. We believe that adding this variation to your repertoire will have an extremely positive effect on your future chess results.

This book will positively influence your chess understanding for several reasons:
 – It will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the theory and key concepts of the opening, enabling you to develop a deeper understanding of the strategies and ideas behind those strategies.
 – The book consists of a mixture of carefully selected analyzed games and analyzes that will help you understand everything clearly in order to easily apply it in your games.
 – The book is easy to understand for all chess levels and is written in such a way that it suits both beginners and experts who want to learn the opening from scratch or broaden their previous knowledge.
 – It is an excellent choice not only for learning a specific opening, but also for improving the general understanding of chess.

ISBN: 9788682410034, Hardback, 224 pages, Chess Fortress


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