Sicilian Grand Prix Attack - James Plaskett



Sicilian Grand Prix Attack - James Plaskett

The sharp and dangerous Grand Prix Attack is one of White's most aggressive ways of countering the Sicilian Defence. It leads to very complicated play right from the first moves and contains plenty of pitfalls for the unwary Black player. Here, James Plaskett takes a new look at this dangerous opening. Whether you play the Sicilian as Black, or need an antidote for White, this book is an essential addition to your armoury.

Deals with the often deadly Grand prix Attack

Full coverage of all recent developments

Ideal battle manual for club and tournament players


Grandmaster James Plaskett is one of Britain's most imaginative and exciting players. With his dashing and uncompromising approach, the former British Champion has provided chessplayers with great entertainment over the years. His other books include Sicilian Taimanov (also published by Everyman)

ISBN: 9781857442915, 144 pages, Paperback, Everyman Chess

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