Standard Bridge Bidding Boxes - Set of 4 with Bidding Cards



Standard Bridge Bidding Boxes - Set of 4 with Bidding Cards

Bidding devices prevent any bidding errors/misunderstandings by giving a visual reminder of the previous bids and they keep noise to a minimum. Bidding devices are suitable for play at home, club games and tournaments. Great features at a great price! The Neo-Classic Style Bidding Box provides a sturdy and easy to use plastic frame.

The Neo Classic Design are the most traditional form of Bidding Box and the one most commonly used in bridge clubs. The simple hinged base mechanism provides quick access to your bidding cards and a stable surface to prevent tipping or overbalancing,

Durable lacquered bidding cards are included.The scores for each contract are printed on the reverse of each card.
  • Colour: Red
  • Weight: 800g
  • Closed Measurements: 135mm (5.32") x 90cm (3.55") x 60cm (2.36")
All our bidding boxes come with right-handed bidding cards included. Cards are available in right or left-handed form. We can also supply 'split' orders - e.g. one set comprising 3 right handed and 1 left handed at no extra cost. Please specify your requirements in the "additional information" field when ordering.

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