Steamrolling the Sicilian - Sergey Kasparov



Steamrolling the Sicilian - Sergey Kasparov
Steamrolling the Sicilian - Sergey Kasparov
Play for a Win with 5.f3!

Paperback, 240 pages

Are you looking for a way to outwit theory-sharks in the Open Sicilian? Then this may just be the book for you. The concept is simple: surprise your opponent with 5.f3, build up a strong pawn centre, avoid all of Black's main lines and steamroll his Sicilian! Experienced grandmaster Sergey Kasparov presents a complete repertoire for White which has all the right features for ambitious and creative chess players:
  • it's an early deviation
  • still fairly unknown
  • in a widely played opening
  • which guarantees solid play
  • with lots of opportunities to unbalance your opponent
  • offering a wealth of novelties and new ideas
Sergey Kasparov has made a thorough and detailed study of this variation, which he himself has played for many years. He presents all the ins and outs in his usual lively and instructive style: both Black's solid and sharp replies, and also the attempt to avoid 5.f3 by an early 3...Nf6!?.

About the Author
International Grandmaster Sergey Kasparov (1968) was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and now lives in Belarus. He has won many tournaments throughout the world and is a renowned chess opening expert.

ISBN: 978-90-5691-435-6, New in Chess

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