Take Your Tricks (2nd Edition) - Edwin B Kantar



Take Your Tricks (2nd Edition) - Edwin B Kantar
Over 550 Declarer Play Tips You Can Take to the Bank

Paperback, 173 pages

Acclaimed bridge expert Eddie Kantar offers valuable warm-up tips along with card combinations and safety plays. This book focuses on the "play of the hand" and is aimed at almost any player beneath "expert" level who genuinely wishes to improve his or her game a notch or three. VALUE, ENTERTAINMENT, ENLIGHTENMENT: The hallmarks of an Eddie Kantar book. A distillation of decades of teaching and writing, this book tells you everything you ever wanted (or needed) to know about the play of the cards; and Eddie makes it painless. After reading this book, you will start making more contracts and you will be convinced your bidding has improved -- and you may be right.

ISBN-13: 978-1587761645, Vivisphere Publishing, 2008

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