Tatsu with it's Tactile dragon stones and beautiful illustrated board has the potential to provide some of those "memorable” moments with its backgammon style, fast paced and push your luck elements.

This award winning game is very easy to pick up and will have you returning for more, every single time.

Object of Game:
Use the dice to move your dragon stones around the board. Vine Dragons (green stones) hold (entangles) opponents stones. Water Dragons (blue stones) sweep them away, back to their holding tray. Fire Dragons (red stones) destroys a player’s dragon, removing it entirely from play.

Win by destroying all of one type of your opponents dragon stones or by removing all of their dragon stones from play.
Parts in the box: 22 parts in total
- 18 Dragon Stones (Vine, Water & Fire)
- Quad Folding Board
- 2 Six Sided Dice
- Illustrated Rules Leaflet
Warnings on box: Not suitable for children under 3 years old
Box dimensions: Width - 220mm | Height - 220mm | Depth - 40mm

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