Teaching Chess in the 21st Century - Bardwick



Teaching Chess in the 21st Century - Bardwick
Teaching Chess in the 21st Century - BardwickStrategies and Connections to a Standards-Based WorldPaperback, 192 pagesA beginner chess book targeted to elementary school teachers who wish to incorporate chess into their math curriculum and chess club sponsors needing basic chess lessons to teach their club. Parents wishing to teach chess to their young children will benefit from the chess analogies that their children will relate to. Ten basic chess lessons and chess rules are presented in detail.It includes: math lessons learned through chess incorporating National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards exemplars and rubrics for testing students knowledge and understanding for each lesson teacher tips to help students as they learn to play chess and how to handle situations that frequently occur as the children play tried and true tested analogies that children will relate to so that they will learn chess in an effective and fun way chess quotes from famous people fun and entertaining illustrationsCan be used in conjunction with Chess Workbook for Children.

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