The Alekhine Defense Playbook - Tim Sawyer



The Alekhine Defense Playbook - Tim Sawyer
The Alekhine Defense Playbook by Tim Sawyer

Paperback, 160 pages

After 1.e4 Nf6 Black is playing full contact "provocateur" chess. He develops a piece and attacks the White centre pawn, then retreats before the blitzing pawn. Whites bull rush penetrates into Blacks camp, past the chessboard line of scrimmage. But, whats this? Black has opted for a screen and deftly moves his forces into the hollow space left in the blitzing pawns wake! Will the rest of White's forces arrive in time to stop the play short or will Black craftily move down the field? Grandmasters aren't sure, but you can bet many of them include it in THEIR playbook. Let Tim Sawyer show you how to include it in yours. Good luck on the field... er chessboard... but don't forget your helmet!

Here at last Tim Sawyer introduces his precision game plan in The Alekhine Defense Playbook, a compact repertoire of pre-packaged Black mischief and mayhem. From the very first move there's no getting away from the Playbook, as White faces a clear-cut program of counterplay no matter what he does. Loaded with original analysis and plenty of common sense advice, the Playbook is your complete pocket guide to the hypermodern Alekhine Defense.

ISBN-13: 978-1886846166, Pickard and Sons

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