The Anti-Meran Botvinnik Variation - Eric Tangborn



The Anti-Meran Botvinnik Variation by IM Eric Tangborn
Recent analysis and forgotten ideas

International Grandmaster Joel Benjamin believes that the Botvinnik Variation "should be banned from tournament play," while 1994 U.S Champion International Grandmaster Alex Yermolinksy believes that the Botvinnik Variation is "one of the most thrilling battlegrounds in chess today." 

Regardless to which camp one belongs, any d4-player who hopes to fight for an opening advantage against otherwise solid Semi-Slav must be prepared to meet this enterprising gambit. Meanwhile, the Semi-Slavist who us un-prepared to play 5...dxc4 must return to Queen's Gambit Declined lines or allow White a spacial edge by 5...h6.

 International Master Eric Tangborn, author of the Complete Torre Attack, Winning with the Caro-Kann, and A Fischer Favourite: The King's Indian Attack, has provided a cogent analysis of the critical lines following 9.Nxg5. He has included over 125 recent games in order to illustrate typical middlegame themes.

Customer Notice: these copies are new but shelf worn due to age (Printed 1996).

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