The Art Of Defence in Chess - Lyev Polugaevsky & Iakov Damsky



Art Of Defense in Chess - Soltis
The Art of Defence in Chess - Lyev Polugaevsky & Iakov Damsky
Paperback, 268 pages

Most players prefer to attack, resulting in defensive technique being
the weakest part of their game. There are a number of methods of playing
against an attacker, which include passive defense, simplification,
blockade, stalemate, or a trap. Alternatively a player can defend
actively or launch a counterattack.

These and many other techniques are
described in this thoroughly practical book. This is a beautifully
written book that gives over a hundred examples of brilliant defenses by
players in seemingly hopelessly lost positions. Here you learn that you
should just keep looking and you may find a way to save your otherwise
lost position. Using question and answer format, it asks what can the
defending player do to save his position, and then gives the answers in
the back of the book.

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