The Batsford Book of Chess Records - Yakov Damsky



The Batsford Book of Chess Records - Yakov Damsky
The Batsford Book of Chess Records by Yakov Damsky

Paperback, 320 pages

A long-overdue book on the records, from the trivial to the monumental, set over the decades in the chess world. From the top number of knight moves in one game to the player with the highest lifetime win/loss average, here is a treasury of entertaining facts and figures about every aspect of the royal game. Divided into four sections--"Games," "People," "Tournaments, Matches and Events," and "Around the Black and White Board"--it provides astonishing statistics, anecdotes about great victories and famous blunders, and useful insights into the strategy behind some of the most unusual moves ever played.

From the most unfortunate players in chess history to the longest queen moves, and from the longest tournaments to the record time for thinking about the next move, everything is included here - this amusing, entertaining, and often astounding guide is a must for all chess players.The book aims to fill a gap in chess literature by listing the record holders in numerous aspects of the game. It is divided into four sections: Games; People; Tournaments, Matches and Events; and Around the Black and White Board, giving the chess play of some amazing chess record moves.

About the Author
Yakov Damsky is a world-renowned chess journalist, chess master and international chess arbiter. He is the author of several chess books, including Century of Chess. He lives in Moscow.

ISBN-13: 978-0713489460, Batsford

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