The Bishop: Danger on the Diagonal - Sergey Kasparov



The Bishop: Danger on the Diagonal - Sergey Kasparov
The Bishop: Danger on the Diagonal
by Sergey Kasparov

In his new, ground-breaking series, The Power of the Pieces, Belorussian grandmaster Sergey Kasparov examines the strengths, weaknesses and overall characteristics of each piece on the chessboard.

This first volume in the series is about the bishop. Its role in the opening, middlegame and endgame is discussed in detail, amply supported by over 140 examples from tournament praxis.

Topics include:
Bishops of the Same Color, Opposite-Color Bishops, Bishop vs. Knight, Bishop vs. Rook, Two Bishops vs. Knight and Bishop, Bishop vs. Pawns, The King’s Indian Bishop, The French Bishop, The Nimzo-Indian Bishop, The Fianchetto on g2, The Stonewall Bishop, The Advantage of the Two Bishops, The “Bad” Bishop, The Attacking Bishop
Opposite-color, Bishops in the Middlegame.

Popular chess author Sergey Kasparov is known for his entertaining writing style. His books are always instructive and insightful. Books previously published include The Exchange Sacrifice and Doubled Pawns.

ISBN: 9781941270950, Paperback, 248 pages, Russell Enterprises

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