The Blockbuster Movie Game



The Blockbuster Movie Game
Bring home the entertainment!

This is a movie game for anyone who has ever seen a movie. The aim of the game is to be the first of two teams to collect a movie from all eight genres. And like all the best movies, this movie game is a double bill. Part 1: Movie Buzzer Battle, where two players shout out movies until one of them runs out of answers. Part 2: Triple Charades Jeopardy. Here teams try to get their team to guess the movie by describing it in one of three ways: quoting, acting or using one word.

Why you'll love this game
Wave of nostalgia: Unless you’re under 16, or had a rare hatred of movies, you’ll have fond memories of visiting Blockbuster. This game brings all that flooding back, starting with the video case packaging and classic logo.

Not just for movie nerds: This game is designed for anyone who has seen a movie or two. You don't have to know the names of characters, actors or directors, just the movie itself.

Repeat play: Because this is not a trivia game, the content is endlessly replayable.

Great for big groups: Blockbuster is only a two-team game but works really well in small or large groups. There’s very little waiting your turn and lots of team  participation.

 - 60 Movie Buzzer Battle Cards
 - 200 Triple Charade Jeopardy Cards
 - 1 Board
 - 1 Timer (with sound effects)
 - 1 Blockbuster parking lot sign

Players: 4-20 | Time: 30mins | Age: 12+ | Size: 140 x 240 x 40 mm

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