The Chess Puzzle Book 4: Mastering the Positional Principles - Karsten Muller & Alexander Markgraf



The Chess Puzzle Book 4: Mastering the Positional Principles - Karsten Mueller & Alexander Markgraf

Mastering the Positional Principles

Paperback, 184 pages
Nominated for ACP Book of the Year Award 2013

Welcome to The Chess Puzzle Book 4! This title mostly deals with the important technical question of how to convert a static advantage.

As noted by Mark Dvoretsky in his Foreword: "I cannot think of any books with high-quality exercises regarding such topics as domination, the 'do not hurry' principle, the principle of two weaknesses, etc., all of which are discussed by Mueller and his co-author Alexander Markgraf (..) I hope that you enjoy this new book by Muller and Markgraf and I encourage you to seriously study the positions discussed in the book. As a result, you will significantly progress in your understanding of chess and improve your results."

Topics include: Prophylaxis, The Principle of Two Weaknesses, The Right Exchange, Domination, Do Not Rush, and Converting an Advantage. There are also many well-chosen exercises with comprehensive solutions to help guide and instruct the reader.

The Chess Puzzle Book 4 is the fourth volume in the series formerly known as the Chesscafé Puzzle Books.

ISBN: 978-1-936490-52-3, Russell Enterprises, 2012

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