The Classical Era of Modern Chess - Peter J. Monte (Hardback)



The Classical Era of Modern Chess - Peter J. Monte (Hardback)
The Classical Era of Modern Chess by Peter J. Monté

Hardback, 616 pages

First introduced by Arabs to newly gained territories in the Mediterranean during the 8th and 9th centuries, the game of chess soon spread throughout Europe, slowly evolving from the less dynamic shatranj version into modern chess. This study examines the classical era of what became modern chess from the late 15th century into the 1640s, paying special attention to key developments in the medieval period and later. After tracing the birth of modern chess in Europe, it offers a critical appreciation of relevant chess literature - including works by von der Lasa, van der Linde, Murray, Chicco, Eales, Petzold, Sanvito, and Garzón - and chronicles all opening and game moves of the era and the development of laws and rules like “en passant” taking and castlings. With a glossary and more than 100 illustrations, this is the definitive overview of a transformative era in the history of chess.

About the Author
Peter J. Monte studied ancient history at Leiden University, which granted him a doctorate in 1977. He has written articles on the history of chess and lives in the Netherlands.

155 illustrations, glossary, appendices, bibliography, index

ISBN: 978-0-7864-6688-7, McFarland

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