The Classical King's Indian Uncovered - Panczyk & Ilczuk



The Classical Kings Indian Uncovered by Panczyk & Ilczuk

Paperback, 384 pages

Most experts agree that the Classical Variation is the critical test of the Kings Indian. Pulling no punches, White questions Blacks entire strategy and seeks nothing less than a direct refutation; it could be said that the reputation of the Kings Indian rests entirely on the assessments of this hotly debated subject.

In this book, Krzysztof Panczyk and Jacek Ilczuk, theoreticians renowned for their original analysis, uncover the secrets behind this important opening and share their discoveries with the reader. Using illustrative games, they study both the fashionable main lines and the tricky sidelines, and provide a thorough grounding in the key tactical and positional ideas for both sides.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all variations
  • Written by leading opening experts
  • Essential reading for those playing either Black or White
About the Author
Krzystof Panczyk is an International Master from Poland. He is a frequent visitor to Britain, playing in both international events and in the British League. He was placed third in the 1991 Polish Championship and has a wealth of experience with the ArchangelJacek Ilczuk is a noted theoretician and powerful correspondence player who was a recent semi-finalist in the email World Championship.

ISBN: 9781857445176, 384 pages, Paperback, Everyman Chess

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